This time of unrest and uncertainty has given further the rise to considering new alternatives to the structures that serve as the platform in dealing with matters of public concern. U-turn after U-turn, eviction law, student grades, free school meals and PPE many other social and public issues have seen a rise in action by ‘the public’. This rise in public action taken against the systems has evoked a new layer of alternate forms of public expression and discourse when addressing ‘matters of concern’.

This audio-visual graphic work focuses on the literal and abstract nature of the ‘U­-turn’ it’s uses and place within the creative process and how the ‘U­-turn’ can be seen as a result of an action of protest and ultimate move to a new front. The piece is an amalgamation of captured speeches, quotes and live audio recordings from politicians. The piece questions the U-turn as a state, what does being in a structured landscape mean and how do the places we find ourselves in, imprint our body and consciousness.

The audio was kindly provided by Amos Cochran.
You can view more Cochran’s great work here: http://www.amoscochran.com/

Viewers are invited to explore the work via the link.
Headphones recommended.